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Lefkowitz Law Office is a New Jersey law firm that represents individuals and businesses in complex commercial transactions and litigation throughout the state.

Our East Brunswick real estate lawyers are committed to helping clients achieve success through sound legal advice. Experience and diligence are the cornerstones of our practice and we never simply push transactions through mindlessly. We believe our clients deserve to be informed of the advantages and disadvantages of their business and real estate decisions, but also need attorneys who will be focused on moving projects forward, rather than holding them up.

"We advise our clients in the investments that matter, and help them close the deal."- Adam Lefkowitz

Middlesex County Attorneys Handling Commercial Leasing And Business Transactions

Our experience goes beyond just the law. We have a history of working as in-house corporate counsel and as dedicated legal representatives in residential and commercial real estate sales and leasing. We see the importance of business strategy as much as legal strategy, and we help our clients strike a balance between the two.

We offer legal advisory services in:

Tax Appeal and Municipal Tax Assessments

The attorneys at Lefkowitz Law Office have successfully handled real estate tax appeals throughout New Jersey. We will put our collective experience to work for you to reduce your taxes.   

Because real estate taxes are the greatest source of income for most New Jersey towns, real estate tax assessments significantly affect all tax payers. However, municipal assessments do not always match the current market; especially since many properties have seen a decline in value in the past few years. The difference can impose a significant hardship on the property owner: the municipal tax bill could reflect yesterday's high market prices while the true value of your property could have declined. Call our experienced attorneys for a free initial consultation with your property tax assessment questions.

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For more information about how Lefkowitz Law Office can help you achieve your business goals, reach us online or by telephone at 732-201-3902. We offer free half hour consultations and flexible appointments as necessary.

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