Your Trusted Adviser For Commercial Real Estate Leasing

At Lefkowitz Law Office, our East Brunswick real estate leasing attorneys represent large and small businesses, real property owners, investors and developers in commercial real estate leasing matters throughout New Jersey. It is critical to work with an experienced real estate attorney who will keep you informed on what rules and regulations impact your projects.

We can answer complex lease questions such as:

  • What permits do I need for operating my business?
  • How do I handle easements related to utilities?
  • What should I consider when designing my commercial property as a lessor? As a lessee?
  • What restrictions might I face in land use or zoning?

We Keep Your Projects On Track

We understand our clients' desire to move projects forward as quickly as possible. After all, the sooner a deal is done, the sooner you can realize its success. Still, it is important to not mindlessly rush through projects.

Our experienced lawyers balance these two issues effortlessly. Our small-firm environment allows us to work directly with our clients on a daily basis. We have straightforward conversations that help us get to the heart of any commercial real estate issue, and we use our resources to help projects progress as efficiently as possible.

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